Welcome to the Perry Removals Saffron Walden website. This website has been designed to help you through the process of moving home with information not only on the removal itself but on other pre and post removal day issues.


Perry Removals has been moving in and around Saffron Walden for over 50 years now but although it is renowned as an historic market town, it has not always been that way for two reasons. Firstly because it was originally named Chipping Walden and secondly because the original market charter was granted to Newport it's close neighbour. Up until the 16th century it flourished on an economy based on the wool industry but then the highly sought after Saffron Crocus was grown locally in large quantities. The crocus was used in medicines, perfumes, condiments, aphrodisiacs and dyes, which eventually gave it's name and Saffron Walden was born. Saffron Walden was the headquarters of the Oliver Cromwell Eastern Association of the New Model Army and he is believed to have stayed in the Sun Inn in May 1647.

Perry Removals have carried removals in almost every street and every village within a 20 mile radius of Saffron Walden, including council offices, Audley End Mansion,  Quendon Hall, private homes and factories.





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