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For further information and to arrange a free quotation telephone 0800 211 8030 or email us at [email protected]

We offer a driver accompanied house to house service to all european countries giving you the same high quality service you would receive if you were moving in the UK. Packing and set-up services are available if required.

We also offer a part-load service to reduce costs  on smaller consignments.

Our regular trips to Europe mean we have strong links with removal and storage companies throughout the EU.  If local services are required we are happy to assist. Even if your new home has access problems we can usually find a solution.  As yet it is difficult to assess what impact Brexit will have on house removals throughout the Eurozone.

Currently, there is little or no documentation fror a house move. Prior to joining the EU the paperwork was relatively straightforward, so its reasonable to assume that after leaving the Union, the systems will be no more onerous than then.