Welcome to the Perry Removals Bar Hill & Cambourne website. This website has been designed to help you through the process of moving home with information not only on the removal itself but on other pre and post removal day issues.


Both new communities Bar Hill and Cambourne have had very different lives but we have seen how they have flourished over the years. A comparison of Bar Hill and Cambourne as communities shows the difference between 1950's and 1960's concepts of Bar Hill with the late '90’s ideals of Cambourne.


Bar Hill was an expansion communty designed in the 1950's with the first occupants moving in around 1967. It boasts the largest Mega store in the Cambridge area. It has a population of around 4,000 and was originally contained entirely within an outer ring road. Perry Removals have carried out numerous residential and commercial moves in and around both areas, including offices in Bar Hill and some of the very first residents to take their new homes in Cambourne.


Cambourne is a group of three new development villages with permission for 4,300 homes. Building commenced during the 1980's and continues today. Ultimately the development will house 10000 to 15000 folk. One street name 'Quidditch Lane' is immortalised in J K Rowling's Harry Potter books, although the developers maintain it relates to a dry ditch that ran across the old Monkfield farmland on which the homes are built. The South Cambs. District Council offices are within the area, which is supported by excellent local retail facilities. Cambourne boasts numerous primary school places to support this community which it is believed in 2010  had the highest birth-rate per 1000 adults of anywhere in the world. This is possibly due to the imaginative schemes offered by the developers to encourage and support buyers looking to buy their first family home.


If you navigate your way around the site you will see some of the other services the Perry Group can offer including international removals, commercial removals and containerised storage and shredding services.





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